10 Best Splitting Axe for Chopping Wood 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

best splitting axe


Axe is one of the most ancient tools of the human being for chopping, splitting and cutting. A multi-tasking axe can do a lot more than cutting or splitting. If you want a handy axe with the best features you’re in the right place to find it. Some top-listed and best-featuring axes are reviewed here for your great splitting experience.

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1. Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul 36 Inch, 751110-1001

If you are looking for an ideal axe for splitting wood and driving stakes Fiskars Iso Core would be a better option for you.

This multipurpose axe features optimized blade design having one side for chopping and another side for hammering.

It has a very efficient shock absorption system against the strike which reduces shock and vibration. The insulation sleeve controls the shock and vibration before reaching your hand.

The axe features rust-resistant coated and forged steel. The soft-grip handle reduces slip and provides a powerful control on it. This 36 inches axe weighs 10.4 pounds with great balance.

The heavy-duty construction gives it long-lasting durability which would be a recommended choice for quality performance.

We like most about it

  1.  Durable construction
  2. Multipurpose features with optimized blade design
  3. Maximum shock absorption and vibration reduction
  4. Soft-grip handle for powerful control
  5. Premium forged steel for perfect splitting

We dislike most about it

  • A little bit heavier
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2. Husqvarna S2800 27″ Composite Splitting Axe


If you are browsing for a powerful splitting axe for splitting large logs Husqvarna brings a good one. This traditional look axe head has a non-stick coating which provides less friction and easy splitting of large logs.

It features a perfect and quick handle with Swedish quality stainless steel shaft protection. You will feel nice while using the beautifully shaped handle.

This multipurpose axe provides effective use of splitting wedges with the hammer function and shaft protection.

The Drop-forged blade and the optimized axe head offers easy splitting and the steel holds edge perfectly. The Husqvarna S2800 is 27” in length and weighs 6.55 pounds.

This high-quality splitting tool is the best axe for splitting wood chunks with great balance and control.

We like most about it

  1. Powerful splitting performance for large logs and wood chunks
  2. Multipurpose axe with hammer side
  3. High-quality construction with Swedish Steel
  4. Excellent fiberglass handle for controlled splitting
  5. Handle Quality: Fiberglass Handle

We dislike most about it

  •  Hammer side is not so useful
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3. Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe, 17-Inch

If you are looking a right axe for splitting large or small size logs the Fiskars X11 can be the best option.  This one of the best axe for efficient splitting you can enjoy. This unique model axe provides a one-hand operation and allows you easy to split a small chunk of wood.

The strong handle is very much stable and comfortable. It provides you perfect grip during your woodwork. This 17 inch FiberComp handle absorbs maximum shock and reduces vibration during splitting. This durable axe features great balance weighing 2.6 pounds.

This hatchet is designed to give you more efficiency and keeping perfect balance featuring sharp blade. This fantastic log splitter is protected with a heavy-duty sheath to protect the blade and user.

We like most about it

  1. Perfectly designed for easy one-hand use
  2. Maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits
  3. Fantastic balance and weight increases swing speed to multiply power,
  4. Curved blade geometry includes extended power and easy to move the blade from wood
  5. Forged steel made the sharp blade for better splitting
  6. Heavy-duty sheath prevents the head from getting lost and protect the blade and users
  7. lightweight handle to prevent overstrike damage and reduces vibration
  8. Textured non-slip grip reduces hand strain and improves control

We dislike most about it

  • Handle is made of strong plastic
  • Little bit lighter
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4. SOG Tomahawk Tactical Axe with Sheath – Tomahawk Survival Hatchet, (F01TN-CP)

SOG Tomahawk Tactical Axe is specially designed military and law enforcement professionals who need heavy-duty tools. The hatchet is used to woodwork and the hawk side is used to remove obstacles, excavate and so on.

This razor-sharp black finish axe is made of tough stainless steel built for tactical use. You can use it to survive and utility application.  The axe features high-impact fiberglass reinforced nylon handle which protects the head by two bolts. The well-gripped handle provides you extended support to control it weighing 24 oz. with 15.75” length.

SOG Tomahawk is crafted in 420 hard-cased black finish quality stainless steel and the SOG Blade is shaped with an ultra-sharp 2.75” blade for deep bites for easy chopping.

It features a large spike opposite the blade which helps you penetrating heavy and hard material, excavating and piercing.

We like most about it

  1. Rockwell Hardness: 51-53 HRC
  2. Handle Shaft Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
  3. Varietal multipurpose axe
  4. Heavy-duty axe but lightweight
  5.  features a checkered hammer edge and a spike opposite the tactical axe

We dislike most about it

  • Limited grip
  • Poor sheath
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5. Estwing Double Bit Axe

Estwing Double Bit Axe is composed of two blades. The sharp edge is used for easy chopping and the blunt edge is for using it on rough ground.

This professional axe is designed lightweight and easy to carry. It is very sturdy and works great. It is extremely balanced in weight. This forged steel construction provides maximum strength and durability.

The axe is great for chopping small logs, small-size trees, and splitting firewood. The axe features 7 ounce of weight and 17” of length handle. The leather wrapped handle provides excellent grip for easy control.

The sharp cutting edge is protected with heavy-duty sheath. The tool is perfectly balanced and weighted for lasting long.

We like most about it

  1. Solid American Steel
  2. Forged steel construction for maximum strength and durability
  3. Hand Sharpened Edge
  4. Two chopping edges
  5. Gripped leather handle
  6. Made in the U.S.A.

We dislike most about it

  • Not too heavy
  • Not good for large logs
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6. Off Grid Tools Trucker’s Friend Demolition & Multitool Combines a Axe, Hammer, Pry bar

The Trucker’s Fiend is a multipurpose tool designed to meet the needs of professional truck drivers. You will find it useful for prying, pulling, hacking, chopping, and as a lever as well.

This handy tool is perfectly constructed. The Carbon Steel Axe Head let you chop, clear, and bash everything with an easy hand.  It includes spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook pry bar, and along with a curved axe.

The Nupla fiberglass handle makes it easy to handle the tool for ranching, farming, plumbing, demolition, logging, and such. The 19.2 inch handle is nicely gripped with shock-absorbing rubber for providing enough grip for easy control. This heavy-duty tool features all features heavy-duty works.

The Trucker’s Friend is well-balanced with weight of 2.2 pounds. It gives you maximum power in every swing. It is light enough and powerful for better hammer and axe for handy use.

We like most about it

  1. A multipurpose handy tool designed for professional truck drivers
  2. Includes spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, curved axe,  and lever
  3. Shock-absorbing power grip and fiberglass handle
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Leather sheath
  6. High-quality construction

We dislike most about it

  •  Not too heavy
  • A little bit small in size
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7. Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe

If you are looking for the best axe for chopping wood the Granfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe is designed for splitting smaller firewood efficiently. This sharp hatchet is made with high-quality materials, helps you fast and effective splitting.

The 20” hickory handle is crafted with round scratches which provide extra grip.  Near head, there is a steel collar reduces damage to the handle from over hitting.

It can be used single-handed to split smaller firewood or split logs in need of further splitting. You will find an ultimate balance using this beautiful axe and it offers you the ability to keep swing for much longer.

It comes with an instruction manual for safe using and with a grain leather sheath. The well-balanced axe weigh 3.53 pounds providing maximum control.

We like most about it

  1. Handle Quality: Hickory Handle
  2. Head Weight 32 oz made of Swedish Steel
  3. Leather sheath
  4. High-quality construction
  5. Grain Leather Sheath
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8. Estwing Camper’s Axe – 26″ Wood Splitting Tool

If you are browsing for a stylish American-made best splitting axe this Estwing Camper’s Axe is the finest one you would like. This multi-functional tool is a camper’s like. You will find it helpful for your camping tasks– felling trees, hopping firewood, making camp, with ease.

This outdoor tool features hand polished head with a sparkling finish and a sharp edge for easy splitting. The forged Extswing axe has a 12 inch length nylon fiber handle which offers shock reduction grip so that it will never slip and reduce vibration impact as much as 70%. This axe weighs 3.44 pounds for balanced control on it.

The Estwing offers two available finishes and sizes of Camper’s Axes. You can choose one– the hand polished steel and black steel finish in different size of 16 inches and 26 inches– for your best comfort.

We like most about it

  1. Forged steel construction for maximum strength and durability
  2. Ballistic nylon sheath features perfect grip for maximum shock absorbing
  3. Made in the USA, crafted in Rockford
  4. Steel Quality: finished with the finest and hand polished American Steel
  5. Leather sheath
  6. Durable Steel Handle for durability and comfort

We dislike most about it

  • Not much sharp
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9. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14″

If you want a good looking axe in mid-range price Estwing Sportsman’s Axe is one of the famous choices for outdoorsmen. This traditionally styled axe is nicely forged with genuine leather grip. The 14 inch length handle features a heavy-duty nylon sheath.

The carbon finished blade with a black-steel finish gives a stylish look and easy splitting experience with a single hand or double hand. The nylon-fiber grip absorbs the maximum impact and vibration during chopping logs. This lighter axe weighs 1.91 pounds.

The head of Estwing has a concave shape with convex cutting edge, perfect for chopping small logs and felling trees. The axe is equipped with durable nylon sheath for extended protection.

We like most about it

  1. Forged protection for maximum strength and durability
  2. Equipped with nylon sheath features perfect grip for maximum shock absorbing
  3. Made in the USA
  4. Steel Quality: hand polished American Steel
  5. Leather sheath

We dislike most about it

  •  Not much sharp
  • Lighter axe
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10. IUNIO Camping Axe Multi-Tool Hatchet Survival Kit

This is one of the best splitting axe for camping and splitting woods with ease. IUNUO is a multi-tasking camping axe made of steel. The sturdy handle is made of thick Aluminum Alloy. It is an ideal hatchet for camping.

It includes– Chop, Cut, Chip, Trim, Scale, Makes the fire, Hammer, Whistle, Compass, etc. all in one tool. It’s incredible! You will be very impressed by using this multi-purpose tool.

It is a military foldable axe featuring sharp blade and adjustable handles with sheath. You can adjust the tool with including according to your needs. It includes Axe, Hammer, Bottle Opener, Fish Scaler Tool, Fire Starter, Emergency Whistle, Glass Breaker, Safety Hammer, Compass, Hand Rope, etc.

The 14 inch axe weighs 2.05 lbs. and absorbs maximum impact and vibration.

The tool is nicely portable and compact. You can carry it easily for camping, hiking, and hunting. It has good balance and weight. This easy-to-assemble multi-tasking tool would be your helping gadget for your outdoor traveling.

We like most about it

  1. Made of sturdy and thick Aluminum Alloy
  2. Multi-tasking tool featuring– Axe, Hammer, Bottle Opener, Fish scale Tool, Fire Starter, Emergency Whistle, Glass Breaker, Safety Hammer, Compass, Hand Rope, etc.
  3. Balanced weight and portable, easy-to-carry
  4. Steel Quality: Durable Steel made
  5. Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

We dislike most about it

  • Seems light
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To find the best axe is pretty difficult as there are many bad tools on the market. We’re reviewing some best-featuring multi-tasking Axe and splitting tools for outdoorsmen. After depth research, we selected the top listed axes. The Estwing, Gransfors Bruks, SOG Tomahawk, and Fiskars have some best-featuring tools you’re looking for. You find all of them and can choose what you really want. This writing will not misguide you.

Buying guide for Best Splitting Axe

If you want additional ease in your wood spitting you need to pick the right axe from lots of axe available on the market. To do so, you should have some knowledge of some important things about the best splitting axe. A splitting axe with long and handy handle featuring sharp and sturdy blade construction will give you delightful wood chopping. A good axe will worth your investment and will make your wood splitting easier for firewood, campfire and much. We’re here to discuss, shorty, what features a good axe should be so that you can buy purchase the best one.

Key Considerations before Buying a New Axe

What do you Buying For?

You must know why you’re going to buy the axe. Picking the right axe for the right job will increase your efficiency. Some models are designed for large logs splitting which features professional axe quality. Some axe is used for small logs, camping, hiking, or bonfire.

Length of Handle

If you’re a shorter person you should choose an axe with shorter handle and taller people will need a longer handle for proper amount of power for easy splitting.

Shape of Blade

The size and the shape of blade is important for what the axe is used for. The convex cutting edge is perfect for chopping smaller logs and felling trees.  A well-shaped blade-edge will give you the perfect swing and easy splitting. A chopping axe features a lighter and sharper blade for chopping smaller logs. Splitting axe has wide head for splitting woods, chopping libs, and larger logs. Splitting axe offers balanced and powerful swing.

Axe Handle Quality

Axe handle is commonly designed with wood, stainless steel, or fiberglass. A quality axe handle can absorb maximum shock and reduces vibration. A well-coated axe handle with good materials provides perfect grip for easy control. Wooden handle with parallel grain provides extra strength for splitting.  Smaller axe features metal-made handles. They are commonly camper’s axe for camping and are not for heavy-duty tasks.

Head Weight

Balanced head weight with axe length makes your woodworks easier and allows you continue for longer period of time. Heavier head makes powerful swing and requires more energy to hold and raise. Camper’s axe features lightweight head and felling axe has mid-weight head –about 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

Good knowledge about quality of the best axes can help you find you desired axe for your outdoor job. We hope the buyer’s guide for the best axe will help you finding the best splitting axe that will meet your requirements.




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