Best way to track unfollowers on Instagram


Before getting started, I am going to share with you a short experience in a few words about unfollowers Instagram trackers. I have searched a lot on google and I found some articles related to the Instagram unfollowers app. Those articles are appreciating people to use some of the apps that can check your Instagram followers and unfollowers but Unfortunately, they even do not know that those apps can steal users personal secret data. Obviously, none of the worlds want to share his personal data to anyone and I am sure you are one of them. So don’t worry. I am here to give you the easiest solution. I am an app developer and I know which app works really awesome to track unfollowers on Instagram. So read the full article and thanks me later😜

How to track unfollowers on Instagram?

Sometimes you may ask yourself “Who unfollowed me on Instagram” as a normal Instagram user. Just follow the steps below and see your unfollowers easily.

Step-1: Download & install “Follow Meter for Instagram” app.

You need to download this app. Both android and ios version is available.


You may think of your security. Don’t worry. I have checked this app found nothing that can steal users data. Even I personally use this app for tracking my followers. So I can highly recommend you to use this app. The interface of this app is also user-friendly.

Step-2: Open the app and log in to Instagram

Just open up your app and login with your Instagram username and password. See the screenshot below.

Well. Now you just need to know how to use this app and manage your followers and unfollower.

Log in to your Instagram account via this app, a dashboard screen will be opened like below.

Best way to track unfollowers on Instagram

Now You Can:

  • See your unfollowers
  • Visualize your new followers
  • Detect who is not following you back.
  • Check which people are not followed back by you.
  • Count your total number of posts.

If you want to see your unfollowers, just click on Unfollowers option from the dashboard. The screen will look like bellow

I hope now you have got your solution.

Some extra information that can help you:

  • Turn on notifications by clicking on top right corner menu. This can help you by giving real-time information about your followers and unfollowers.
  • From the top left corner notification bar, you can see your recent information about who is following and unfollowing you.
  • If you don’t see your info updated automatically, Just click on refresh icon and wait for a second.
  • You can log out your Instagram account by clicking the logout option from the  menu bar (Top-Right 3 dot menu)

That’s it for today. Hope you guys can easily track unfollowers on Instagram now. If you have any question, just comment below. I will help you.

Thank you for reading this article.


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