Best Live English Speaking Apps for IELTS

Live English Speaking App

Speaking English is not quite tough but it may difficult for you because you can not get the chance to speak English with anyone. If you want speak English, the first and foremost thing is to practice. For this reason, you must need a speaking partner. In this article, I am going to share with you some live English speaking app which can help to speak English with someone. You will get many virtual partners who also want to practice English speaking.

Again, some of you might want to practice speaking for IELTS or TOEFL. For Ielts or Toefl, you must have to practice speaking with some people. As a result you can understand you speaking level and it will help you to improve you speaking skill. This article will also cover some best speaking apps for ielts which can help you to be confident before attending to your ielts or toefl examination. Hope you like it.

Here is the list of the best live English speaking app for android.

Hallo is one of the most popular live English speaking app in the world. You will be amazed after using it. The features of this app are quite helpful for those who are trying to practice English. It has a decent look and the interface of this is elegant also. This app has 2 most attractive features that are speaking live with a random partner and chatting with them.

When you open up the app, you will see a button named “Instamatch”. By clicking on this you will see a lot of people who also want to practice English with you. Just accept them if you like. You will see the name of your partner and the flag of the country your partner lives. So you can guess about their native language.

You can also chat with foreign people. They are also here for practicing. So Never be shy to talk with them as everyone in this app comes to learn English. Since the app is for practicing English, you must have to talk English with anyone otherwise you will not get any benefits from here.

I personally use this app and I really love it for its INSAMATCH feature because it is quite easy to find a speaking partner within a few seconds. If you are beginner, just set your level to beginner from the settings and try searching partner and you will get another beginner to talk. So you will not feel shy because the person you will talk is also beginner like you. When you will become an expert, just set your level to expert and get an expert partner to practice English speaking.

In my opinion, this app is not for learning actually. Mainly this app is for practicing English. So if you have some knowledge about the language English, then you can go with this app.

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Open Talk, the most famous and old live English speaking app in the playstore is another app to practice to speak English. In this app, you will find plenty of features that attract you to practice speaking. It has some motivational features that you will never see in other apps. The user interface is simple with a gorgeous look and offers you some features which are convenient to use.

By this app, you can talk with a random partner around the world and so you will get credit for this. You can use these credits to unlock some features that you may like. So, the more you talk, the more you earn points. In this way, this app will encourage you to speak English with people. Some features like talking with girls or boys, choosing a country specificaly require some credits. Some people buy credits and some people earn credit by talking with a partner. It is better to earn credit by taking rather than buying credit.

OpenTalk also offers you to use video call features to practice live English speaking but for this, you need credits again. You can talk to your partner without any limited time. Also, the level of English speaking skills will be upgraded automatically when you earn more points and thus you will get your speaking partner who has the same level as you. 

Chatting feature is also available here. But for this, you need to speak English with some buddies and in future, you can chat with them.

If you want to practice English speaking thenn this app will help you for sure but the problem is every feature of this app requires credit for which you may feel disturbed sometimes. In my opinion, you do not think about the credit. Just use the voice call feature which is completely free and enough for practicing English speaking.

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This app is free and it offers you some features that you love but I would like to call it a straightforward live english speaking app. It is very easy to talk with a random stranger by this app. Even you will get automatic call from random partner if you change your status from offline to online.

You can use the audio call for practicing with the random real people all over the word.  Your level will be upgraded when you start speaking english by voice call. It also allows you to exclude the countries you do not like. It is possible to set the gender you would like to talk. But it requires some credit to do that.

You can also enhance you reading and listening skill as well. Tounge Twister, English Tips will help you to improve you reading skill. Another amazing feature of this app is listening practice. You can start listening about a topic which you can choose from the list. For this, you will have an idea of how native speaker talks and then you can apply it when you speak with someone.

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This app will allow you to call real people around the world who also want to practice English speaking. If you turn on your online status, you will get calls automatically from random partner. If you do not want to receive a call automatically, just turn off the online status. 

You will get an opportunity to talk with level 1 or level 2 speakers and chat with the people. There are many stories here that you can read and it will help you to increase your reading skills.

Also, there is a list of people who are active at that time and you can send messages and call them. All the people here come to improve their English skills. So there is no reason to feel shy to talk with them. 

In my opinion, it is better to use the first 3 apps since this app is new and has some problems with its user interface.

If you want to practice English speaking then this app will help you for sure but the problem is every premium feature of this app requires credit for which you may feel disturbed sometimes. In my opinion, you do not think about credit. Just use the voice call feature which is completely free and enough for practicing English speaking.

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To improve your speaking skills, just talk with your partner freely. Here no one will judge you. Talk whatever you want. No matter whether your sentence is wrong or not. After speaking English with some people, you will get your confidence to speak. When you feel that you can speak confidently, just move on to your grammatical mistake. Before achieving your confidence, you do not need to think about your grammatical mistake.

Okay, now come to the end. I got these 4 apps only for speaking with a real human. I wonder that there are only 4 apps in the play store. You will get many apps in the Play Store but the fact is that those apps can not fulfill your demand.

Even there are are many famous apps for learning English. But those are not for practicing English speaking. From my end, I have tried enough to find out the real live English speaking apps that can help you really.


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